Let me tell you of an adventure in faith God has set me on. My name is Cindy Stacy and my adventure of faith first began when I was saved in 1972 when I realized the sacrifice of God’s Son fully paid for my sins.
Through the years, from then until now He has continued to build my adventure of faith. He has asked me to be a missionary to Zambia, Africa, where I will share the message of salvation. This is a land of 13.8 million souls where the government requires one hour of Bible teaching in their public schools. With half the population under the age of fifteen I will have many opportunities to share the Word of God.
I have been a Christian school educator for 23 years. I will be working with Missionary David Rea and his family. He is a good, solid Independent Baptists Missionary who has a great vision for reaching the people of Zambia. We are Team Zambia reaching Africa for Christ from the heart of Africa.
There is a need to teach national pastor’s wives and to disciple ladies. It is through these areas that I will teach the Word of God.
Using Chronological Bible Teaching I will teach from the Beginning through God’s Word for the people of Zambia to build upon. What a great adventure God has for these people, beginning with their own salvation through faith.

Come along with me and you too can share in the adventure as we reach Zambia for Christ!

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